Weekly Horoscope Dec 13 - 19 2021 year

 Weekly Horoscope  Dec 13 - 19 2021 year

That 50's Weekly Horoscope  Dec 13 - 19 2021. On Monday, December 13, two planets will transform into signs at once. Mercury from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and Mars will enter Sagittarius. 

The moon is in a new sign, Aries indicates major new changes, Mars is the aspect of wars, and Mercury is the aspect of commerce. Indicate trade wars, danger, possibly fire, in shopping malls

On Tuesday, the Moon will create a square with Pluto - the danger of financial crashes, earthquakes.

Wednesday - Thursday December 15-16, the Moon will be under the influence of tense aspects, on Wednesday - Satrun and Uranus, Thursday - Jupiter.

Thursday, December 16 is an important day for the beginning of global changes - Uranus and Saturn will come into conflict.

December 17 - Moon in opposition to Mars, -

The week will end with the full moon on December 19. Total - a busy week, it is advisable not to travel and not start new business

Weekly Horoscope  Dec 13 - 19 2021