Weekly Horoscope Dec 20 - 26 2021 year

Weekly Horoscope Dec 20 - 26 2021 year

For 51's week, the Weekly Horoscope Dec 20 - 26 2021 year

Week 51 will be influenced by two global aspects lasting the whole week: Venus retrograde with conjunction with Pluto and Uranus retrograde quadrature with Saturn. All events of the week will have a more sensitive and bright color.

Monday and Tuesday December 20-21 in a positive aspect to Jupiter is favorable for business and development.

On December 22, the Sun will enter the sign of Capricorn, in addition, there will be unfavorable aspects of the Moon to Uranus and Saturn, so the period from December 22 until the end of the week will be tense and dangerous.

Until Sunday, December 26, travel is undesirable, the risk of injury.

Only on Sunday can you think about new acquaintances and business.